About company

“Peterhof Express” company was founded in 2011 as a department of high speed fleet . It all has begun with a few ships and our deep passion for navigation which we were so excited to share with everybody. It wasn’t even a question of where our ships should go. It had to be Peterhof! Trips between Saint – Petersburg and Peterhof (before that it used to be trips between Leningrad and Peterhof) has become some kind of a historical tradition of our city. That is why we were supposed to follow it...


25 years
Together with the city


We have transported over


The average seniority of an employee is
10 years

Since then our fleet has significantly increased. Our ships “Meteor” sail between Saint-Petersburg and Peterhof every 30 minutes. At the same time the responsibility that we have taken upon ourselves is tremendous because this trip is the beginning of Peterhof exploring for tourists. Therefore we represent not only our company but our city and even the whole country. That is why we are constantly working to improve our service and to make our Meteor ships more comfortable. We believe that even if you travel to see the history you should be able to enjoy the advantages of civilization. 



The main principle of our company is service with a human face. Because we are not just a company, we are people in it, and we pay special attention to the recruitment of our team. When choosing employees, we make sure that they not only meet high standards, but also share our values: kindness, caring for passengers, responsibility and, of course, love of travel.

Of course, in the first place we always put the safety of passengers. All vessels of Peterhof Express undergo the most thorough checks and regular maintenance, and a qualified crew is prepared for any kind of emergency.

This is our approach to work - the continuous striving for excellence in everything. After all, only with impeccable service, guests can enjoy a fascinating trip, without being distracted by any trifles. And this is our main goal.
Thank you for choosing the company Peterhof Express.
See you aboard!



Transportation is carried out by LLC "Neva Line of Rest"